SONSARA – Céleste Boursier MOUGENOT’ s expo in Mingsheng Art MuSeum

Céleste Boursier-Mougenot’s Expo Through the combined use of sound, moving images, and landscapes, the artist prompts the viewer to contemplate the world after humans, as well as the way human and non-human beings interact with one another. The installations are in dialogue with its environment: the architectural space that hosts it, further prompting the audience to engage spiritually, mentally, and aesthetically with concepts of continuity, consciousness, movement, sound, and life.

展览的外文标题SONSARA(生声不息)是由 “Son”和“Samsara”组合而成的概念。Son是法语“声音”的意思,即可以通过耳朵感知到的听觉。Samsara,“依业轮回”,是表示生命流转循环的意思。它的词义包含了人类生前的过去以及死后的永生,每一现实生命,都是秉承过去生命继续而来。故此SONSARA正是中文题目所试图表达的,生命不息,声响不止,另一方面,也是对于展览现场螺旋形场地的暗喻。


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